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Welcome to the website of the company, which has been on the market since 2009. Our headquarters is located in Inowrocław.
We have been a manufacturer of POOLBOX Creative Fitness & Spa POOLBOX modules for several years. z o.o., which is an innovative solution for year-round spas on the market. During this time, we have gained a great deal of experience in both creating and being able to listen to customers and follow their needs and growing expectations,
Which involves the creation of new POOLBOX models.


For those who value convenience and comfort, a mobile SPA center – POOLBOX – was created.
The facility, thanks to its systems, provides relaxation and the opportunity to achieve proper body balance.

The POOLBOX system includes, among others, whirlpools, counter-current pools, saunas, snow and salt grottos, as well as other amenities available specifically for our clients such as a barbecue bar and a gym.

POOLBOX is a system, fully tailored to the customer’s requirements.

The goal was to create a module for training, rehabilitation and recreational activities. The result is a product called POOLBOX, which will also enable people with disabilities to support their rehabilitation by providing a space to sit near their homes or obtain a facility for sports and recreational activities with 24/7 access without having to move.

The facility, which through a swimming pool with counter-current and treadmill, is ideal for rehabilitation as well as training in prophylaxis of health, while the sauna supports the regeneration of the body.

Examples of POOLBOX models

We present you with examples of POOLBOX system models.
Each of them is unique and tailored to the greatest requirements to meet all the expectations of our customers.

POOLBOX Pool + Grill

POOLBOX Swimming Pool Jacuzzi Sauna

POOLBOX Swimming Pool Jacuzzi Sauna Snow Grotto

POOLBOX Jacuzzi Sauna Leisure Corner

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Getting started

POOLBOX review model

The first POOLBOX model, which actually presents only a fraction of the capabilities it can offer, is located in Inowrocław.

He found his place next to the Salt House resort, in the beautiful setting that is the Brine Park.

We would like to invite you to a presentation of our facility and get acquainted with the full offer of the POOLBOX mobile spa center.


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